Valaurum Featured in Thom Calandra Report

“Valaurum’s quarter-gram and tenth-gram sheets of gold are objects of beauty, rising in value yet relatively inexpensive in a rising gold market. Also: IP protected, trademarked and with a barrier to entry that will take anyone three to four years and a truckload of engineers to duplicate.”
-Thom Calandra Report, “Valaurum’s Sheets of Gold”
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“The ‘Aurums’ are wondrous to behold, and IP-protected.”
Thom Calandra of The Thom Calandra Report, has chosen to feature Valaurum in his highly regarded investment newsletter. The report praises Valaurum’s leadership, product, and potential. Mr. Calandra also announces that he will be investing personally in the company.

Neither the Calandra Report nor Mr. Calandra received consideration to feature Valaurum and its products.

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About Thom Calandra
Thom Calandra of and subscriber service The Calandra Report is writer, editor, researcher, speaker and investor. He is co-founder of CBS MarketWatch, Thom Calandra’s StockWatch, The Calandra Report, and Ticker Trax via Stockhouse.


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Valaurum, Inc. was created to make precious metal ownership and investment available to all people.  Its primary product is the Aurum®, a thin layer of gold or other precious metal sandwiched between layers of protective polyester.



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