First Aurum Produced for the Abolition of Slavery Monument

Valaurum, Inc. has produced the first Aurum to support the fundraising campaign for a National Monument to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Suriname. The Aurum depicts the design of the monument, produced by Edwin DeVries.

Mr. DeVries is amongst the most famous and well-respected of Surinamese artists, and is referred to there as ‘The Grand Old Master’. In Amsterdam, his National Slavery Monument is featured prominently in the Oosterpark. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix unveiled the statue on July 1, 2002. DeVries was awarded the Damsko Millenium Award for Expressive Arts in 1999, in 2000 the Caribbean Arts and Culture Award for Outstanding Contribution and in 2005 the ‘Grootmeester van de Ere-Orde’.

Citizens and businesses in Suriname and the Netherlands will be able to purchase the Aurum, receive a collectible image of the National Slavery Monument in Paramaribo, and directly contribute to its construction.

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