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One Gram Bullion Aurum® Announced by Valaurum®

Today, Valaurum introduces its latest product, the One Gram Aurum®. The One Gram Aurum® is a technological and marketing breakthrough for Valaurum, allowing it to compete directly in the international bullion market.

Valaurum’s Aurum technology makes affordable, precise quantities of gold available to consumers. The Company has sold hundreds of thousands of 1/20, 1/10g and 1/4g products. The Aurum® platform provides industry-leading security features, full gold recovery, and excellent durability.

Valaurum’s new One Gram Aurum® required two years of development, significant R&D investments, and brand new construction methods to complete. Numerous trials were undertaken to bring the product to market with Valaurum’s rigorous demands for quality, adhesion, and curl. Earlier trial products wrinkled unacceptably, separated into layers, curled into tight rolls, or literally melted and burned. Valaurum’s precision roll processes were also tested to their limits, and had to be refined. The coating thickness of the One Gram is 1000% thicker than Valaurum’s standard, 100 milligram products.

“The One Gram Aurum® is Valaurum’s best bullion product to date, because its premium over the spot price of gold is the lowest,” explained Dr. Adam Trexler, President of Valaurum. He continued, “It is a marvel of materials science, and I’m proud of the entire Valaurum team for bringing it to market.”

The Gram has become a standard unit in the international gold market. Gold chips, smaller than a fingernail, make up a significant percentage of physical bar and coin demand. One gram “foil” products are also available, although they are not foldable or recoverable. Valaurum’s new One Gram Aurum directly competes with these products. The One Gram Aurum is far easier to hold, certify, and use than “chip” gold. It is also significantly less expensive than gold foils. The gold is fully recoverable and reusable, as with Valaurum’s other Aurum® products.

The One Gram Aurum® is another significant step in making the Aurum® the world standard for personal increments of gold.