New Security Printing Technology

Valaurum has filed a new security printing patent application with the US Patent Trade Office. The new patent protects against tampering, relabeling, delamination and fake foil attacks on Aurum® products. Valaurum is committed to building the most secure, trustworthy, and recognizable precious metal products on the world market.

Fear of counterfeiting is one of the biggest challenges for precious metal ownership today. Before the Aurum’s three-dimensional technology was invented, all precious metal foils, coins and bars stamped or printed on the surface of the metal. Counterfeiters attack the integrity of coins and bars by altering the face of the gold, tampering with its identifying features. Cheaters also make fraudulent coins or bars by hiding tungsten or other materials within them, to cheat consumers out of gold. In paper money, counterfeiters have bleached and reprinted lower value US bills to pass them off as more valuable.

Valaurum answers these challenges with unique technology.

Valaurum’s patent, “A Metallic Sheet with Deposited Structured Images and Method of Manufacture”, builds on and perfects Valaurum’s unique technique of creating images directly in the gold. The entire structure of gold in an Aurum® is printed in three dimensions with its security features. Superficial printing and images within the gold itself line up perfectly. Other security printing features, including serial numbers, guilloche, crystallization, variable data, and QR codes are also built directly into the gold itself.

If you already own an Aurum, you might have noticed a reverse image, all in gold, on the back side of an Aurum. Valaurum is now able to create a number of new effects, including readable type, images not seen on the front side, and back side images that select only some of the printing from the front.

This technology guarantees that the full Aurum® structure has not been tampered with. Counterfeiters cannot print Aurum® images on a fake gold foil, nor can they produce a lighter-weight gold foil, and have these images. Valaurum’s technology also protects against printing new weights or designs on an Aurum product to fool the customer about denomination. Just as importantly, if an Aurum® is tampered with by separating its layers, the images and other security printing features that are within the gold itself cannot be put back together. Valaurum’s effect requires millions of dollars of specialized machinery and engineering know-how to produce.


With this step, Valaurum moves further beyond all other forms of physical gold on the world market.

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