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Latest News: Nepal Commissions Tourism Aurum®

The Nepal Aurum® features a full-color sunset on Mount Everest.

Valaurum hereby announces that the Embassy of Nepal, in conjunction with the Non-Resident Nepali Association, is issuing a commemorative Aurum® to promote tourism in Nepal. This Aurum® is the third official gold issue by a sovereign government. Chinese and Indian tourism are fundamental to the economy of Nepal, and the Government of Nepal has a stated strategy to increase tourism to boost development. Their vision includes making Nepal a travel and vacationer destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal, enhancing the growth of the tourism industry, and enhancing local tourism as a supportable industry. The legislature wants to accommodate more than one million visitors amid the year of “Visit Nepal 2020”.

Gold is highly desired by tourists to Nepal, and the Nepal Aurum® beautifully depicts Mt. Everest bathed in the colors of sunset. A traditional Nepalese pattern lines the top of the design, complimented by an anti-counterfeiting security pattern in the bottom border. The weight of the gold, 100 milligrams, is found in the corners in both English and Nepali text.

The Embassy of Nepal’s partner in this project, The Non-Resident Nepali Association, joins together Nepali expats living in 78 different countries. Non-Resident Nepalis provide remittances that represent a significant proportion of the Nepalese economy, and the NRNA is a nationally-significant political force in its own right.