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August 28, 2018
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September 27, 2018
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Eagle Quarter Gram

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The Eagle Aurum®
This quarter gram Aurum premieres with custom design work featuring classic American imagery. The centerpiece of the face of this Aurum is a soaring eagle over a mountain landscape, complimenting a new rich color palette of red, white and blue.
Blank space in the design of the Eagle Aurum artfully exposes the beauty and uniqueness of the pure gold laid underneath, showcasing the raison d’être of the Aurum®.

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2 reviews for Eagle Quarter Gram

  1. Noah Lockwood (verified owner)

    Just received four of these certificates. Won’t call them notes because they are not debt, but the world’s oldest and best commodity money. Absolutely stunning in every detail!

  2. Brandon S Stephens

    Why use fiat notes when you have something , that is tangible, durable , and well Aurum . 999 gold is your value. When FRNs only have imaginary value, fiat, fugazie. These are very well done. If you like these look for the gold backs from Utah.

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