Republic of Ghana 1 Cedi Aurum®

The Republic of Ghana’s 1 Cedi gold note is the country’s first legal tender issue using patented Aurum® technology. This note pays homage to the “Cedi” or shell money, the form of currency that circulated goods and people throughout Europe, Africa, and the New World. The obverse depicts the African Liberty shown as a proud woman looking to the future. Cutting edge printed security features have been embedded throughout the artwork for an investment that is both secure and verifiable.

This issue celebrates the Republic of Ghana’s long history as a gold producing country. In 2018, the Republic of Ghana officially surpassed the Republic of South Africa as the largest producer of gold on the African continent. The 1 Cedi gold note is also the second legal tender issue produced by Valaurum, Inc.

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Each note contains precisely 1/1,000 oz of 24k gold protected between layers of durable polymer. The precious metal within each Aurum® is visible throughout each note from edge-to-edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques.

Artwork Details:
The obverse features the African Liberty depicted as a young Ghanian woman in profile with additional elements including Ghana’s coat of arms, a prominent Star of Ghana (composed of micro-printed security patterning) and a coat of arms. The reverse artwork includes a second Ghananian coat of arms, and a traditional cedi shell.

Each note is printed with a unique serial number.

Product Details:

  • Contains 1/1000 oz of .999 pure gold
  • Measures 3″ x 6.9375″
  • Packaged within a commemorative folder with a certificate of authenticity
  • Legal tender
  • Made in the United States
  • Two sided printing


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