Pure Gold Maple Leaf Aurum®
June 20, 2018
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U.S. Stars and Stripes Aurum®

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The U.S. Flag Stars and Stripes Aurum® contains precisely one-tenth of a gram of twenty-four karat gold.

The Aurum protects a precise amount of gold between layers of durable polyester.

Every Aurum isssue is painstakingly verified using industry-standard and proprietary techniques.

In the form of an Aurum, gold is more convenient, affordable,  and trustworthy than ever before.

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for U.S. Stars and Stripes Aurum®

  1. Corey W Jacobs (verified owner)

    Beautiful notes. Fun to take out and look at. I think i found a beautiful security feature not exclusive to the stars and stripes note, but it makes this note so much cooler.

    If you shine a light from one side with a decent light source, I used a high lumen flashlight; there is a sparkle through the note. (Disclaimer: Be careful i dont condone blinding yourself)……. it really adds something special to this note. It’s not the most intricate of their notes, and it’s not their best work. But the stars and stripes is one of my favorites (after I got my sight back. Yes ok fine I may have temporarily blinded myself. That is not valarium’s fault. They are awesome.)

    As for the company, I honestly trust these guys more than small gold bars I could get at competitive prices. I really hope they make more styles.

  2. Victoria Smith (verified owner)

    Since I found this site, I have ordered countless amounts, love the convenience and collectibility of these! Make great gifts!

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