Designing the Aurum®

Valaurum’s groundbreaking technology represents monetary art at its finest. Aurum artwork features high resolution, full color artwork elevated by the premium sheen of gold throughout. Valaurum’s unique products include built in security features within each design for an innovative way to invest in precious metals with confidence.

Aurum® notes are a beautiful, unique way to showcase gold in a range of settings, from commemorative memorabilia or brand pieces, to legal currency. Each Aurum® is made by precisely depositing gold, atom by atom, onto a printed polyester substrate.

This process produces a unique effect on the reverse side of the Aurum®. Unprinted areas within each design leave the gold with a pure, mirror-like sheen, similar to proof-like coins. However, where gold atoms have fallen on the printed artwork, the gold acquires a matte finish for a lightly embossed effect. This visual contrast can only be created using specialized deposition equipment and is a unique aspect of our production process that is patented by Valaurum, Inc.

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