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Introducing a revolutionary way to invest in gold products that represent a secure + verifiable standard for gold. 

Discover the Aurum®


The Aurum®, our flagship product, brings gold investment into the 21st century. Each Aurum® contains a precise micro layer of 24-karat gold protected by additional layers of durable polymer. This technology is used to create a way to physically own gold that is flexible, durable, and easy to store.

Aurum® represents a truly unique opportunity for custom art and designs. The high sheen of 24-karat gold is visible from edge-to-edge throughout each bill. This high-quality precious metal provides a warm, lustrous backdrop against which our vibrant inks, fine printing, and exquisite artwork literally shine. Our design and production teams bring years of experience working with this unique material. We produce legal tender currency and certified gold products for countries, as well as extensive commemorative and branded products for retail companies.

Valaurum, Inc. has the world-wide exclusive license for this innovative proprietary technology, which is protected by US and international patents. Valaurum actively invests in research and development and has an extensive patent pipeline. Numerous trade secrets are also needed to produce gold “bills” at an affordable cost. The Aurum® features industry-leading security features and the denominations needed for everyday transactions.

Trust in Gold.

The epitome of convenience, the Aurum® brings gold investment into the 21st century. Valaurum, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology and proprietary manufacturing processes to make gold ownership secure, trustworthy, and collectible.

A Portfolio of Options.

We bring over a decade of expertise and experience to printing with 24-karat gold. Our extensive portfolio includes secure legal tender currency, collectibles, commemorative pieces, and branded marketing materials.

High-Quality Artwork.

Every Aurum® is printed with high-quality artwork specially designed to incorporate the gleam of 24-karat gold visible throughout each bill. Our unique designs incorporate the same advanced, multilayered security elements found in paper currencies and government security documents.

Precision Matters

Cutting edge technologies combined with numerous verification processes guarantee that each Aurum® contains a precise amount of 24k gold.

24k Gold

Physical ownership of gold has never been easier! Unlike gold shares, owning Aurum® puts 24k gold directly into your hands and into your portfolio.

Collect With Confidence

All Aurum® feature built in security measures to ensure that each bill is easy to verify and authenticate.

Flexible Investment

Aurum® are available in small, flexible denominations as low as $3 making it possible to tailor your investment with precise quantities of gold.