Manufacturing the Aurum®


Aurum® gold bills are constructed using proprietary technology to apply a thin, precise layer of 24k gold between outer layers of transparent polymer. The result is pure gold that is not only secure but also highly durable. Valaurum’s cutting-edge processes mean that gold can reliably be collected in physical increments as small as $3, making this the most versatile way to invest in gold.

Edge-to-Edge 24k Gold.

The Aurum® is manufactured with a thin film deposition method similar to the processes used to manufacture semiconductors. During this process, a large gold plate is bombarded with high energy ions in a sealed vacuum chamber. The precious metal is vaporized into a spray that condenses and attaches to a polymer substrate. This micro layer of gold is highly precise, making it possible for Valaurum to manufacture a variety of denominations comparable to common paper currencies.

Precision at Every Step.

Valaurum’s processes guarantee maximum control and precise application of gold in each issue. The uniform application of gold requires remarkably precise nanotechnology. In many Aurum®, the gold is actually applied atom-by-atom, as a three-dimensional structure. The surrounding polyester substrate protects the gold and carries further authentication features. The result is gold in a format that is both highly durable and secure.

Setting a New Standard.

The Aurum® represents an unprecedented improvement upon typical gold foil techniques currently available on the market. Traditional gold foil is typically hand beaten or machine milled to achieve a specific thickness. As foils are milled more thinly, the cost increases, meaning that it costs more and more to deliver smaller increments of gold. Current foil manufacturing processes lack consistency, the metals are typically unrecoverable, and foil products do not include the Aurum®’s cutting edge security features.

Precision Matters

Cutting edge technologies combined with numerous verification processes guarantee that each Aurum® contains a precise amount of 24k gold.

24k Gold

Physical ownership of gold has never been easier! Unlike gold shares, owning Aurum® puts 24k gold directly into your hands and into your portfolio.

Collect With Confidence

All Aurum® feature built in security measures to ensure that each bill is easy to verify and authenticate.

Flexible Investment

Aurum® are available in small, flexible denominations as low as $3 making it possible to tailor your investment with precise quantities of gold.