Aurum® Design Showcase


Valaurum’s groundbreaking technology represents monetary art at its finest. Aurum® artwork features precise, full color printing elevated by the premium sheen of gold visible throughout each piece. Aurum® bills are a beautiful, unique way to showcase gold in a range of settings including historical commemoration, licensed brands, individual certificates and legal tender currency.


North American Game Fish

Our North American Game, Fish Aurum® series, features five gold bills, all consisting of 100 milligrams of pure 24 karat gold. The bills feature five popular species of freshwater, saltwater, and Great Lakes game fish from North America. The game fish featured in this set are the Largemouth Bass, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Sockeye Salmon, and Rock Sturgeon. These bills are designed to be the most flexible way to invest using fractional gold.

Showcasing some of the most iconic game fish in North America, each bill beautifully presents the fish living and thriving in its natural habitat, integrating multiple levels of micro-printing and security elements embedded throughout the artwork for an investment that is both secure and timeless.

For each bill, the featured game fish is shown in the profile in the center of the bill. The ornate security printing pattern surrounding the fish (layered with the background image) is based on the fish’s silhouette and the frame’s inner outline. These security features are subtly incorporated within the design for a secure and verifiable gold bill. This stunning Aurum® bill contains 100 milligrams of 24 karat gold, modernizing gold investment and making it easier to collect and store precious metals than ever before. The number “100,” a reference to the gold content, is printed in both the top-left and top-right corners in addition to appearing across the bill’s background. The name badges for the series and species names are reminiscent of brass nameplates on fishing trophies.


North American Animal Series

Our North American Animal Aurum® series features five gold bills with weights ranging from 50 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of pure 24 karat gold. The largest bill in the series, originally released in 2021, features the majestic American Bison, the largest animal in North America. The full series includes the American Bison (1,000mg), Brown Bear (500mg), Mountain Lion (250mg), Gray Wolf (100mg), and Bald Eagle (50mg). Designed to be the most flexible way to invest using fractional gold, this series offers investors a selection of denominations for customizing investment.

Showcasing some of the most iconic wildlife native to the North American continent, the amount of gold within each bill corresponds to the size of the animal depicted. Each bill beautifully presents the animal in its native landscape, integrating multiple levels of micro-printing and security elements embedded throughout the artwork for an investment that is both secure and timeless. 

Each Aurum contains a precise and verifiable amount of 24 karat gold. Visible running edge-to-edge, the layer of precious metal is protected between layers of durable polymer for a high-quality, collectible product. 


Republic of Cameroon

We are proud that the Republic of Cameroon selected Valaurum to manufacture its latest legal tender issue. The 100 Francs CFA Black Rhinoceros Gold Aurum® commemorates the critically endangered black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) in 24K gold. This is one of the first legal tender bills issued by a major government using Valaurum’s proprietary and patented Aurum® gold technology. Limited to a worldwide mintage of 10,000 pieces, Valaurum’s printing of the first 1,000 bills sold out to retailer distributors within one hour of its release. 

The obverse of this issue features a single black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) shown in profile with a gold star and the Coat of Arms of the Republic du Cameroun. On the reverse, we see a family of black rhinoceros under an acacia tree. The red and green color palette is a reference to the Cameroonian flag. 

Today, black rhinoceros are critically endangered due to poaching and black-market trafficking of rhino horn. The black rhinoceros population dropped sharply between 1960 and 1995, and at one point, as few as 2,500 survived in the wild. Conservation groups have been working tirelessly to bring this species back from the brink of extinction, and their population is slowly starting to recover.

This 24k pure gold Aurum® both celebrates and supports this rare animal. Valaurum will donate 10% of proceeds to help fund rhinoceros conservation in Africa, allowing you to invest in both your own future and the future of this incredible animal.


Goldback Series

The popular Goldback series, launched in 2019, now includes three distinct issues with artwork thematically centered around three States: Utah, Nevada and New Hampshire. Each issue includes five denominations: 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Goldbacks. The denominations are easy to tell apart by size, with the 1 Goldback being the smallest, and each denomination growing in dimension and value. 

This series features expertly hand-drawn artwork that includes elements unique to the culture, history and landscape of each state. Each design showcases a “virtue” depicted as women in historical dress and context. The New Hampshire issue, for example, emphasizes themes of independence, supported by cultural elements such as a sap bucket, and local flora and fauna.

Common elements across this program include border artwork, color palette and artwork style making this series our most collectable to date. Whether you invest in Goldbacks over time or collect the entire series at once, these Aurum present a cohesive way to invest in phsyical gold. 


Republic of Ghana

African Liberty, embodied as a young Ghanian woman, strong and confident, looks to the future. African Liberty connects with the United States Lady Liberty, an effigy that has been in continuous use by the U.S. Mint since 1972. In 2019, Ghana surpassed South Africa as the continent’s largest gold producer. On the obverse of the Gold Cedi, the prominent Star of Ghana, denomination and layout follow paper cedi. On the reverse, Ghana’s Coat of Arms follows Ghana’s traditional coins. “Cedi” is a word for shell money, the form of currency that circulated goods and people throughout Europe, Africa, and the New World. A traditional Cedi shell is also pictured on the reverse. The Liberty Gold Cedi marks a new vision of freedom for Ghana and Africa.


One Gram Bison

Iconic imagery of an American Bison stands proudly on the front of Valaurum’s first One Gram Aurum® issue. Beautiful artwork showcases the high sheen of gold throughout with additional, thoughtful design touches to elevate this beautiful bill.

Valaurum’s initial One Gram Aurum® issue required two years of development, significant R&D investments, and brand new construction methods to complete. Numerous trials were undertaken to bring the product to market with Valaurum’s rigorous demands for quality, adhesion, and curl. “The One Gram Aurum® is Valaurum’s best bullion product to date, because its premium over the spot price of gold is the lowest,” explained Dr. Adam Trexler, President of Valaurum. “It is a marvel of materials science, and I’m proud of the entire Valaurum team for bringing it to market.”

The Gram has become a standard unit in the international gold market. Gold chips, smaller than a fingernail, make up a significant percentage of physical bar and coin demand. One gram “foil” products are also available, although they are not foldable or recoverable. Valaurum’s new One Gram Aurum® directly competes with existing gold chip or other foil products available in one gram increments. The One Gram Aurum is far easier to hold, certify, and use than “chip” gold. It is also significantly less expensive than gold foils. Within this, and all Valaurum’s Aurum®, the gold is fully recoverable and reusable. The release of this One Gram Aurum® represents another significant step in making the Aurum® the world standard for personal increments of gold.   


Cook Island

Valaurum is proud to showcase our first legal tender currency, a $5, 1/100 ounce gold bill issued by the Cook Islands. It is the first legal tender issue by a sovereign nation using Aurum® precious metal technology, and is a major milestone in Valaurum’s development. The Five Dollar Gold Bill was issued by the Bank of the Cook Islands, the nation’s central bank. H. M. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the Cook Islands, which is a self-governing constitutional monarchy in free association with the State of New Zealand. Containing gold, the Aurum® is technically a coin under Cook Islands statutes.

The face of the bill features H. M. Queen Elizabeth II, in the effigy by Ian Rank-Broadley.  Beneath the effigy are the artist’s initials. This effigy is used by all UK and Commonwealth coinage issued by the Royal Mint from 1998 to 2015, and continues to be used by the Cook Islands. Above the effigy are the words “Elizabeth II” and “Dei Gratia Regina”, which is a Latin title meaning, “By the Grace of God, Queen”. The face of the bill also bears the $5 mark, the words “Five Dollars Legal Tender, Aurum®, a serial number, and “1/100 ounce”, the weight of gold contained in the bill. High security guilloche effects and a crystallized scale effect protect against counterfeiting.

The reverse of the Five Dollar Gold Bill commemorates the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand in front of Windsor Castle in full color on the reverse side. A legend commemorates the specific time and place of the wedding ceremony, “St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Saturday, 19th May, 2018 at 12 Noon”. bil

Precision Matters

Cutting edge technologies combined with numerous verification processes guarantee that each Aurum® contains a precise amount of 24k gold.

24k Gold

Physical ownership of gold has never been easier! Unlike gold shares, owning Aurum® puts 24k gold directly into your hands and into your portfolio.

Collect With Confidence

All Aurum® feature built in security measures to ensure that each bill is easy to verify and authenticate.

Flexible Investment

Aurum® are available in small, flexible denominations as low as $3 making it possible to tailor your investment with precise quantities of gold.


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