First Legal Tender Aurum® Currency Manufactured by Valaurum

Valaurum hereby announces its first legal tender currency, a $5, 1/100 ounce gold “note” issued by the Cook Islands. The Five Dollar Gold Note commemorates the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018. It is the first legal tender issue by a sovereign nation using Aurum® precious metal technology, and is a major milestone in Valaurum’s development. The Five Dollar Gold Note was issued by the Bank of the Cook Islands, the nation’s central bank. H. M. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the Cook Islands, which is a self-governing constitutional monarchy in free association with the State of New Zealand. Containing gold, the Aurum® is technically a coin under Cook Islands statutes.
The face of the note features H. M. Queen Elizabeth II, in the effigy by Ian Rank-Broadley.  Beneath the effigy are the artist’s initials.This effigy is used by all UK and Commonwealth coinage issued by the Royal Mint from 1998 to 2015, and continues to be used by the Cook Islands. Above the effigy are the words “Elizabeth II” and “Dei Gratia Regina”, which is a Latin title meaning, “By the Grace of God, Queen”. The face of the note also bears the $5 mark, the words “Five Dollars Legal Tender, Aurum®, a serial number, and “1/100 ounce”, the weight of gold contained in the bill. High security guilloche effects and a crystallized scale effect protect against counterfeiting.
On the reverse of the bill, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand in front of Windsor Castle. A legend commemorates the specific time and place of the wedding ceremony, “St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Saturday, 19th May, 2018 at 12 Noon”. Valaurum expects this issue, limited to 5000 pieces, to become a valuable collector’s note. Be on the lookout for a limited offering!

New Security Printing Technology

Valaurum has filed a new security printing patent application with the US Patent Trade Office. The new patent protects against tampering, relabeling, delamination and fake foil attacks on Aurum® products. Valaurum is committed to building the most secure, trustworthy, and recognizable precious metal products on the world market.

Fear of counterfeiting is one of the biggest challenges for precious metal ownership today. Before the Aurum’s three-dimensional technology was invented, all precious metal foils, coins and bars stamped or printed on the surface of the metal. Counterfeiters attack the integrity of coins and bars by altering the face of the gold, tampering with its identifying features. Cheaters also make fraudulent coins or bars by hiding tungsten or other materials within them, to cheat consumers out of gold. In paper money, counterfeiters have bleached and reprinted lower value US bills to pass them off as more valuable.

Valaurum answers these challenges with unique technology.

Valaurum’s patent, “A Metallic Sheet with Deposited Structured Images and Method of Manufacture”, builds on and perfects Valaurum’s unique technique of creating images directly in the gold. The entire structure of gold in an Aurum® is printed in three dimensions with its security features. Superficial printing and images within the gold itself line up perfectly. Other security printing features, including serial numbers, guilloche, crystallization, variable data, and QR codes are also built directly into the gold itself.

If you already own an Aurum, you might have noticed a reverse image, all in gold, on the back side of an Aurum. Valaurum is now able to create a number of new effects, including readable type, images not seen on the front side, and back side images that select only some of the printing from the front.

This technology guarantees that the full Aurum® structure has not been tampered with. Counterfeiters cannot print Aurum® images on a fake gold foil, nor can they produce a lighter-weight gold foil, and have these images. Valaurum’s technology also protects against printing new weights or designs on an Aurum product to fool the customer about denomination. Just as importantly, if an Aurum® is tampered with by separating its layers, the images and other security printing features that are within the gold itself cannot be put back together. Valaurum’s effect requires millions of dollars of specialized machinery and engineering know-how to produce.


With this step, Valaurum moves further beyond all other forms of physical gold on the world market.

Valaurum Introduces Two-Sided Printing

Valaurum has been making significant breakthroughs in its printing technology. This new technology has now come together to allow Valaurum to offer two-sided printing.

Adam Trexler, Valaurum’s President, explained, “When our representatives went to European precious metal marketing companies last year, their biggest request was two-sided printing. This was a tall order, due to our original methods of constructing the Aurum. Also, typical printer loss rates are 10-20%. Printing on gold at that loss rate would put any project in the red!”

However, diligent development work within Valaurum’s printing team has allowed the Company to develop proprietary techniques and new construction methods. These breakthroughs have allowed us to profitably print on both sides, offer raised printing, and meet new customers’ needs.

Featured below are images of the front and back side (respectively) of the beautiful St. Gauden’s Liberty Aurum:


Print Gold Premieres at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

Valaurum chose the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas to launch Print Gold. PPAI, the Promotional Association International, hosts the largest conference for promotional products distributors in the world.

Distributors were very excited by the value, beauty and price point of the product. Print Gold is now exploring a number of distribution arrangements, both within the United States and abroad.

At the Expo, Print Gold showcased a full line of new products, including already designed awards, tickets and business cards. Print Gold also showcased their custom printing capabilities.

Valaurum Launches Custom Gold Promotional Subsidiary

For years, Valaurum’s customers have asked for custom, one-off gold products. Customers have long asked for one-off, custom gold awards, business cards, and tickets.
However, Valaurum’s original optimized production process required at least 5000 pieces to make a profitable production run.
In 2017, Valaurum made significant investments into its printing and assembling processes. We were driven by the need to make faster sample products for our precious metal customers.
This investment led to a number of breakthroughs that made true, print-on-demand gold possible.
Adam Trexler, President of Valaurum, explained, “The entire promotional products industry is driven by creating beautiful, custom products with a high perceived value. With print on demand technology, we can now supply awards, business cards, and tickets that contain true 24k gold, look beautiful, and give the end user a true experience of luxury.”
Valaurum has now formed a subsidiary, Print Gold, to capitalize on this demand.
To learn more, click on any of the above images to visit

Valaurum President Moderates “The War on Cash” Panel

“The War on Cash” explored recent moves by central banks and economists to eliminate physical money altogether. These entities have claimed that abolishing paper currency would help the fights against terrorism, the illegal drug trade, and tax evasion. The Freedom Fest Panel found that physical currency was an important basis of a free society. It also explored the the market need for physical currency, to the tune of $10tn. A number of panelists noted that private market solutions in precious metals could deemphasize government-printed paper currency in the future.

Participants in the panel were Edmund C. Moy Former Director of the United States Mint, Jayant Bhandari U.S. Global Investors and Casey Research Advisor, and Keith Weiner CEO of Monetary Metals.

Former U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy Joins Valaurum Board of Advisors

Ed Moy was the 38th Director of the United States Mint, a position he held for a 5-year term. He was recommended by Treasury Secretary Snow, chosen by President Bush, and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate. As the first Asian American Director, he served both Secretaries Paulson and Geithner. His term included the financial crisis and recession, unprecedented demand for gold and silver bullion, the end of the 50 State Quarter program, the start of the Presidential $1 Coin, and the National Parks Quarter program. Notable for coin collectors was the minting of the modern Saint Gaudens double eagle coin. Notable for taxpayers was adding over $1 billion of surplus to the Treasury General Fund.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ed Moy onto our Board of Advisors,” said Valaurum President Adam Trexler. “He brings the highest level of experience with precious metal production and governmental contracting, and is an invaluable contribution to the team.”

Valaurum Featured in Thom Calandra Report

“Valaurum’s quarter-gram and tenth-gram sheets of gold are objects of beauty, rising in value yet relatively inexpensive in a rising gold market. Also: IP protected, trademarked and with a barrier to entry that will take anyone three to four years and a truckload of engineers to duplicate.”
-Thom Calandra Report, “Valaurum’s Sheets of Gold”
Eagle and Flag Three.jpg 80
“The ‘Aurums’ are wondrous to behold, and IP-protected.”
Thom Calandra of The Thom Calandra Report, has chosen to feature Valaurum in his highly regarded investment newsletter. The report praises Valaurum’s leadership, product, and potential. Mr. Calandra also announces that he will be investing personally in the company.

Neither the Calandra Report nor Mr. Calandra received consideration to feature Valaurum and its products.

thom calandra report logo

About Thom Calandra
Thom Calandra of and subscriber service The Calandra Report is writer, editor, researcher, speaker and investor. He is co-founder of CBS MarketWatch, Thom Calandra’s StockWatch, The Calandra Report, and Ticker Trax via Stockhouse.


Valaurum Invited to the National Money Show

Valaurum Invited to the National Money Show

Dr. Trexler will present the Aurum® at the
American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show
March 5, 2016


The National Money Show is the biggest coin show in the United States. The three-day show features more than 500 numismatic dealers with extensive inventories and a wide range of technical seminars and educational presentations.

Coinage in the Nanotechnology Age

Valaurum’s President, Dr. Adam Trexler, will travel to Dallas to present “The Aurum:
A New Type of Money in the Nanotechnology Age” among more than 500 dealers of precious metals.

March 5th, 2016 9:00 AM
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX
Dr. Adam Trexler presents: The Aurum: A New Type of Money in the Nanotechnology Age

Learn more about The National Money Show


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.40.20 PMValaurum Invited to Address
ANA’s 24,000-Plus Membership

The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally-chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its 24,000-plus members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational and outreach programs, as well as its museum, library, publications and conventions.

Valaurum Achieves R&D Breakthrough

PORTLAND, OR, February 9, 2016  A research and development breakthrough at Valaurum, Inc. will allow for our precise precious metal layering technology to be utilized with larger amounts of gold.

Currently, Valaurum’s standard Aurumcrinkled au® contains precisely 1/10th of a gram of gold, deposited atom by atom and sealed between layers of durable polyester. Though industry experts predicted that a thicker layer of gold would not be possible to manufacture, our research and development team discovered new methods of gold deposition to reach thicknesses of 250% of the Company’s existing products.

Valaurum’s novel manufacturing processes have met the Company’s rigorous durability standards. Valaurum now plans to develop new opportunities for its loyal customers.
Stay tuned for new products made possible by this breakthrough.
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