Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Valaurum produces Aurum for a variety of purposes including commemorative pieces and legal tender. Our custom Aurum are exclusive and are an ideal way to print licensed artwork. We currently have a 500g minimum order on custom designs. You can submit an inquiry via this form.

If you own Aurum® that you would like to authenticate you can reach our team here via this form.

Yes! The precious metals within each Aurum® can be retrieved using standard fire assay techniques. Fire assay is an inexpensive, routine procedure for jewelers and metal refiners, but it should never be attempted by inexperienced metal workers or without the correct tools. Read more here…

When you purchase an Aurum® either from or one of our retail partners, the Aurum® arrives in a clear protective sleeve for easy and convenient storage.
Gold is naturally resistant to forming an oxide, also called a tarnish or rust. Additional processes ensure that, unlike other metals, the margins of a gold Aurum® will never show any tarnish. This means that your Aurum® will retain the high sheen and clear color even after years of storage and exposure to air.
Some Aurum® are legal tender currency in a specific jurisdiction, while the value of other Aurum® are based on the underlying value of the gold, or their collectibility. All Aurum® bear a legal tender notice, unless the particular product is clearly not a currency.

A number of brick and mortar coin stores carry Aurum®. Valaurum is currently not attending trade shows and do not have a retail space where you can see an Aurum® in person before purchasing. We’re busy producing some videos to show the physical characteristics of Aurum® including artwork, shine and flexibility of the gold notes. Find a list of our current retail partners here…

Different Aurum® are produced for numerous governments and private retailers. These products can have different weights or collectible values. The best place to start for assessing their value is your retailer. You are also welcome to contact us using the information located at the bottom of our website.


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