Aurum® Authentication

Valaurum’s Aurum® can be authenticated using five key markers. The ultra-thin layers of 24-karat gold in each Aurum showcase the high sheen and unique elemental properties of gold. This format also eliminates the possibility of hidden impurities, debasement, and variable thicknesses commonly found in gold coins, bars, traditional foils, and wire. In contrast, the gold and authenticity of each Aurum® is easily verifiable using a combination of common tools and visual elements.

Color and Transmission Spectrum

Gold has an iconic luster and rich color that makes it immediately identifiable. In fact, gold is only ‘gold’ colored when you look at its surface. When gold is manufactured thin enough that light passes through the layer, gold acquires a unique blue-green hue. The distinct blue-green color of ultra thin gold can also be used to precisely measure the presence and amount of gold. Valaurum uses a spectrometer during the manufacturing process to test and measure the spectrum of the transmitted light at both visible and invisible wavelengths within each issue.

Electrical Resistance

Gold has very low electrical resistance, which means electricity can flow through it with relative ease. The thickness of gold also determines how much electricity can flow. Thicker amounts of gold allow more free flow of electricity for a given voltage in the same way that a larger pipe allows more water to flow at a given pressure. Valaurum verifies the amount of gold by testing and measuring the precise electrical resistance in each issue of Aurum®.

Back Image

Each Aurum® is made by precisely depositing gold, atom by atom, onto a printed polyester substrate. This process produces a unique effect on the reverse side of the Aurum®. In unprinted areas the gold holds a high sheen. However, where gold atoms have fallen on the printed artwork the gold acquires a matte finish for a lightly embossed effect. This visual contrast can only be created using specialized deposition equipment and is a patented part of our production process.

Serial Number

Individual Aurum® are printed with a unique serial number that guarantees the authenticity of your piece. The placement of serial numbers varies within each Aurum® design and is usually integrated into the overall artwork. To authenticate your Aurum®, contact us to check the serial number and verify that it matches the issue information. 


Aurum® feature anti-counterfeiting micro-printed designs embedded within the artwork that can be verified using a simple magnifying glass. This printing technique uses high quality imaging at a resolution that cannot be reproduced by common laser printers, scanners, or photocopiers and is the same technique commonly used in stock certificates and printed currencies.

Verifying the Aurum®

Valaurum’s suite of proprietary technologies and processes used to create the Aurum® include rigorous testing for a certifiably pure product. The Aurum® is painstakingly verified using a three-step process to guarantee the precise quantity of gold in every issue.

1. Optical sensors are used to constantly monitor the density of the deposition of precious metals during the manufacturing process. These sensors measure how much light passes through the super-thin layers of metal. Using cutting-edge machinery with narrow tolerances, each issue is guaranteed to hold a consistent amount of gold. 

2. Fire assay is also used to test a representative sample. In the assay, the polymer film is burned away, leaving purified gold behind. The resulting gold pellet is weighed using sensitive scales, confirming the precise quantity of metal. These results are regularly verified by independent scientific laboratories to ensure a consistent and reliable product. Our preferred assayers are Ledoux & Company, registered weighmasters for any materials that go into the Comex Exchange, and Alex Stewart International.

3. Lastly, issues of Aurum® are verified using X-ray fluorescence (XRF). An XRF machine passes high-energy x-rays through the entire Aurum, allowing us to check density and purity in a non-destructive, ISO-certified process.

Precision Matters

Cutting edge technologies combined with numerous verification processes guarantee that each Aurum® contains a precise amount of 24k gold.

24k Gold

Physical ownership of gold has never been easier! Unlike gold shares, owning Aurum® puts 24k gold directly into your hands and into your portfolio.

Collect With Confidence

All Aurum® feature built in security measures to ensure that each bill is easy to verify and authenticate.

Flexible Investment

Aurum® are available in small, flexible denominations as low as $3 making it possible to tailor your investment with precise quantities of gold.