2021 American Bison One Gram Aurum®

This American Bison One Gram Aurum® gold note is a groundbreaking way to collect and store physical gold! Each gold note contains precisely 1000 milligrams of 24k gold protected between layers of durable polymer. As with all of our Aurum®, the One Gram Bison is a secure and verifiable way to invest in and store gold.

Since its launch, the One Gram Bison has become a public favorite for investing in the Aurum®. The first of its kind, the American Bison One Gram Aurum® was the product of extensive R&D investments and new manufacturing techniques to produce this outstanding, high quality product. The polymer coating used in the manufacture of our one gram Aurum® is 1000% thicker than our standard 100 milligram Aurum® products. The thicker coating and larger quantity of gold creates a note with both a satisfying weight when held, and a very durable product for long-term storage.

The gram has become a standard unit in the international gold market. Valaurum’s One Gram Bison Aurum® is an innovative addition to the marketplace and represents a modern way to invest in 24k gold. The precious metal within each Aurum® is visible throughout each note from edge-to-edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques.

Our 1000mg/one gram Aurum® are now available with new bundled pricing! Add 20 American Bison One Gram bills to your cart for special $87/bill price. The discount is applied in your cart and is only available on bundles of 20 of the same product. Limited to stock on hand, cannot be applied to previous orders.


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This Aurum® is a single sided printed piece with full color artwork printed on the obverse and the characteristic, patented “dimensional gold” embossed effect on the reverse, making it easy to authenticate. Click here to read more about the “dimensional gold” within our Aurum®.

Artwork Details:
A large, full color bison stands proudly in the center of this note. “Made in the United States of America” is printed boldly across the top followed by “One Thousand Milligrams” at the feet of the bison. The gold weight and purity are listed in the corners. Each Aurum® includes a serial number in addition to the Aurum® logo. Where gold atoms fall on unprinted areas the gold retains a mirror-like shine while gold applied to printed areas acquire a matte finish.

Product Details:

  • Contains 1 Gram (.03215 troy oz) of .999 pure gold.
  • Packaged within a clear protective sleeve for long-term storage.
  • Not legal tender.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Single sided printing.


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