50mg North American Bald Eagle Aurum® Gold Bill

The 50mg North American Bald Eagle Aurum® is the smallest gold bill in our five-bill North American Animal Aurum® series. A modern take on classic themes, this bill showcases the majestic bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in its native landscape. Multiple levels of micro-printing and security elements have been embedded throughout the artwork for an investment that is both secure and timeless. 

This series has been designed to be our most flexible way to invest in 24k gold. Perfect for stacking or collecting in bulk, the 50mg bill contains a precise and verifiable amount of 24k gold protected between layers of durable polymer. As with all of our Aurum the precious metal within each note is visible from edge to edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques


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This Aurum is a single-sided printed piece with full-color artwork printed on the obverse and the characteristic, patented “dimensional gold” embossed effect on the reverse, making it easy to authenticate. Click here to read more about the “dimensional gold” within our Aurum.

Artwork details:

A single bald eagle is shown in the profile on the right side of the bill. The background of this note includes Michigan’s Tahquamenon Falls, part of the eagle’s natural habitat. A silhouette of the eagle’s distinctive track appears in the top right corner, while a full-body depiction of a mature eagle appears in the bottom left corner of the bill. 

A single bar in the top left corner indicates that this is the smallest bill within the series of North American Animal bills. Denoting the 50 mg of pure gold contained in this bill, “50” is printed in both the top left and bottom right corners and appears across the background. Lastly, security features throughout the bill have been subtly incorporated within the design for a secure and verifiable gold bill.

Product Details: 

  • Contains 50mg of .999 fine 24k pure gold
  • Packaged within a clear protective sleeve for long-term storage
  • Not legal tender
  • Made in the United States
  • Single-sided printing
  • Designer: Jake Sepulveda
Shipping Details:
  • Due to the value of our products, a signature is required for all deliveries.

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