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Valaurum - Aurum® gold bills showcase
Year of the Dragon Aurum® bill gold weight

Security in the details.

Every Aurum® is printed with high-quality artwork specially designed to incorporate the gleam of 24-karat gold visible throughout each bill. Our unique designs incorporate the same advanced, multilayered security elements found in paper currencies and legal certificates.

Artwork on the obverse side of the 2022 St. Gaudens’ Liberty Aurum® bill.

Recoverable Gold

Each Aurum® contains a deposition of precious metal within each bill for a convenient way to physically own 24-karat gold. Valaurum’s proprietary Aurum® design also ensures that the gold and other precious metals are easy to recover using standard assay methods. 

1 Cedi Justice Gold Aurum® close up of security details

Setting a new standard

With embedded security features, documented authentication processes, and ultra-precise manufacturing, gold has never been a more secure or flexible investment. Every issue is verified using a three-step verification process to guarantee the precise quantity of gold in every Aurum®: optical transmission, fire assay, and x-ray fluorescence.