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New Release: North American Bison Aurum® Gold Bill

Introducing the 1000mg North American Bison Aurum® Gold Bill! This brand new one gram Aurum® is first of five bills in our multi-denominational North American Animal bullion series. These releases celebrate iconic animals and their native landscapes. As with all of our Aurum®, the artwork overlays a backdrop of mirror finish 24k gold. The full series will be released throughout 2022 and includes the North American Bison (1000mg), American Brown Bear (500mg), Mountain Lion (250mg), Grey Wolf (100mg), and Bald Eagle (50mg). 

The first issue released in this series is the 1000mg (one gram) North American Bison. The largest animal in North America is likewise depicted on the largest bill within the series. A modern take on classic themes, this bill showcases the majestic bison in profile with Yellowstone National Park on the horizon. Multiple levels of cutting-edge micro-printed security elements are incorporated throughout the artwork for secure and verifiable bills. Each bill is printed with a unique serial number that can easily be authenticated

Image of the 1000mg North American Bison Aurum® gold bill with focus on security patterning - Valaurum, Inc.


A single American Bison is shown in profile on the right side of the bill. The background of this bill depicts the iconic Yellowstone National Park, the bison’s natural habitat. An outline of the bison’s distinctive track appears in the top right corner, while a full-body depiction of a mature bison appears in the bottom left corner of the bill. 

Five bars in the top left corner indicate that it’s the largest bill within the series of North American Animal bills. “1000” is printed in both the top left and bottom right corners in addition to appearing across the background of the bill. Lastly, security features throughout the bill have been subtly incorporated within the design for a secure and verifiable Gold Bill. 

The gram has quickly become a popular unit for investing in 24k gold and is the cornerstone of our bullion Aurum® program. Aurum® are designed to be the most flexible way to invest using fractional gold. Each bill contains a precise and verifiable amount of 24k gold. Visible running edge-to-edge, the layer of precious metal is protected between layers of durable polymer for a high-quality, collectible product. As with all of our Aurum®, the gold is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques