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READ: Ed Moy on the Price of Gold with Kitco News

Ed Moy, former U.S. Mint director and current chief strategist at Valaurum, Inc. was interviewed in the latest piece by Kitco, “The real price of gold is at $2,100, here’s why – former U.S. Mint Director“. Mr. Moy discussed the high demand for gold bullion, the current disparity between the real gold price and spot prices, and the fact that central banks are investing in gold. From the article – “When there are fears of inflation and the dollar becomes unstable and performs more poorly compared to other currencies, central banks don’t want to hold that. They want to hold something even more stable than that, which is gold. You’re beginning to see banks take a look at the U.S. environment, and there are some concerns about the stability of the dollar and the dollar holding its value over time because of the fears of inflation,” he explained.’

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