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Legal Tender Release for the Republic of Ghana

Valaurum, Inc. released our second legal tender Aurum issue, the 1 Cedi bill for the Republic of Ghana, in 2020. This issue features two-sided printing, custom artwork, and packaging, as well as advanced printed security features. The 1 Cedi bill represents a groundbreaking way to invest in physical gold that is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

“Cedi,” the term for shell money, is an important historical form of currency that circulated throughout Europe, Africa, and the New World. Our design team paid homage to this traditional currency throughout the full-color artwork on this bill.

The obverse depicts the African Liberty shown as a strong, confident Ghanian woman looking to the future. Additionally, the Gold Cedi bill showcases the Star of Ghana and its denomination as supporting elements within the obverse artwork. The reverse design echos the layout and structure of the current paper cedi bills. Ghana’s Coat of Arms is centrally placed in addition to a depiction of a cedi shell.

In 2019, Ghana surpassed South Africa as the continent’s largest gold producer. Valaurum is honored to produce this groundbreaking issue with the Republic of Ghana. Our proprietary Aurum technology makes it possible to create products that make gold investment secure and verifiable. Read more about the authentication and verification features of our Aurum.

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